¡Hola! mi nombre es Raquel y soy de Venezuela. Me gusta la música y dibujar, eso es lo único que me importa.

✿ PD: I love Soul Eater, Gorillaz, Sonata Arctica and Blur. ✿


Shingeki no Kyojin - Alphabet (inspired by)

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Favorite openings/ endings - no particular order 

Soul Eater opening 1 - Resonance  

“ If the flame of the united souls 
ponits at your chest, 
is a resonance stronger than words 
being heard now? ”

September 10 + 10067

August 15th 1997 - 17 years ago today 2D and Murdoc first met

"2D sort of looks at Murdoc as if he’s, you know, his savior, his sort of big pal, his big brother. And yet he’s totally abused him, he’s an absolute cunt to him all the time. And 2D seems to be the only one who doesn’t seem to realise this, for some reason." -Jamie Hewlett

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